Looking for the best product gallery plugins to help you create beautiful pictures or videos galleries?

You’re at the right place!

Almost every website makes use of images. WooCommerce product gallery plugins make it simple to present such ideas appealingly.

However, with so many possibilities, it may be challenging to go through them all and discover the plugin that has the perfect balance of functionality, aesthetics, and simplicity of use.

To resolve this, we’ve created a list of the 5 best WordPress product gallery plugins, along with their examined features and pricing plans to show what type of galleries each can make.

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Product Gallery Plugins

Product gallery plugins are essential for those WooCommerce stores with many media like videos and images for products.

You might improve the visual aspect of your online business and make your product pages look pleasant and attractive by using the right product gallery plugin. It’s an excellent method to assist clients in making an informed buying decision.

This is done because you need something good to showcase your WooCommerce product galleries with multiple images to the customers, resulting in increased overall sales, traffic, and revenue.

Things to Consider While Choosing the WooCommerce Product Gallery Plugin

When selecting a product gallery plugin for WooCommerce, keep the following things in mind:

Image carousel: It should allow you to display items in a slideshow or rotating gallery so that buyers can see all of your product’s gallery images from a single product page. When the client reaches the end of the gallery, some product gallery plugins even loop back to the initial photo making it an infinite loop.

Navigation: Is the plugin’s navigation easy to understand? Will past and next arrows, bullets, or something else be displayed?

Video support: Your product gallery plugin should allow you to display product videos on your own server or on third-party sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

Lightbox: It should enable lightbox viewing so that buyers may see a bigger version of the images in your product gallery without having to reload the page.

5 WooCommerce Product Gallery Plugins

Now that you have learned about product gallery plugins, let’s go over and check out our handpicked selection of the best WooCommerce plugins to help you find the best fit for your needs.

1. WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider

Looking for a product gallery plugin to convert a large number of images into a single gallery?

You’re in the right place.

WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider plugin is the solution for you – a developer-friendly and well-documented plugin.

The WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider plugin lets you show a beautiful product gallery on a single product page.

If you have many photos, the plugin will convert them to a fantastic gallery, allowing users to browse your product images in an organized manner. This is because you must sell your goods wisely.

This plugin also includes a video popup option, allowing users to simultaneously see the product video.

Additionally, it also allows customers to zoom in on an image to view the product details.

Ultimately, this plugin is for everyone as it supports the free, standard, and premium theme.


·       You can display unlimited images in the product gallery.

·       Provides 3 options for gallery layouts – vertical right thumbs, horizontal bottom thumbs, and vertical left thumbs.

·       With the autoplay function, the video plays automatically once the visitor clicks on that product page.

·       Ability to support various image types, including its size, color, and style.

·       Options to choose from different colors for images, navigation arrow, and video popup icon.

·       Other features include an attractive image lightbox gallery, navigation support, autoplay support, autoplay speed option, and image zoom option.


The WooCommerce product gallery slider costs you:

·       $26 for a regular license

·       $70 for an extended license

Link to WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider

2. WooCommerce Product Image Gallery Slider Carousel by Foxy

Looking for a user-friendly and eye-catching Product Gallery slider on your WooCommerce store product page?

Foxy is the solution for you!

It can instantly transform your product images into a completely responsive and beautiful carousel slider with a single click installation.

Create a customized Product Gallery without any coding experience. Customers can easily customize their product photos with arrows, image previews, bullets, and thumbnail sliders, as well as styles and colors that match your brand!

This plugin includes the most basic and necessary functionality to ensure that your product pages seem appealing to your consumers. It has over 150 element options for a wide range of designs and styles.

For more diverse template designs, it features arrows, thumbnails, bullets, and vertical thumbnails. Furthermore, it has Preview Mode, which allows potential customers to see the entire image before purchasing.

Since this plugin can play videos, it features an Autoplay mode where the video plays automatically as soon as the visitor enters the product page.

The Zoom option in the Foxy product image plugin allows consumers to see every aspect of your item. The Lightbox option also gives you more flexibility to showcase your images to potential clients. You may activate the plugin and select the template of your choosing because it comes with pre-made templates.

If you have any coding experience, you may utilize the plugin’s developer tools to design your own template that will work best with your WooCommerce store.


·       150+ options for customizing your product gallery.

·       8 one clicks templates to set your product gallery.

·       Supports RTL, vertical and horizontal thumbnails.

·       Preview thumbnail options upon hovering over dots and bullets.

·       Lightbox styling to hide caption, image count, and set background opacity.

·       Foxy supports both simple and variable WooCommerce products.

·       Provides 2 bullet styles – numbered arrow, dots, and bars.


The Foxy WooCommerce product gallery slider carousel costs you:

·       $21 for a regular license

·       $110 for an extended license

Link to Foxy – WooCommerce Product Image Gallery Slider Carousel

3. WooCommerce Additional Variation Images(AVI)

Design and customize your WooCommerce product image gallery within minutes with exciting options for new layouts, multiple images per variation, embedded videos, and more.

AVI is a useful WooCommerce product image gallery plugin created by Woosuite to customize your product image gallery quickly. This plugin will enable you to simply create and change photo and video galleries with various versatile customization options.

You may customize the picture gallery layout, enable sliding thumbnails, and let customers zoom in and out of your product items using AVI.

The users can also embed videos directly into the product gallery with AVI. You may either host MP4 videos yourself or play them from YouTube or Vimeo.

With AVI, you may add as many photos as you like to your product variants, and only the relevant ones will be shown.

The plugin is simple to use and has no negative impact on your website’s speed.


·       Change the layout of the image gallery to fit your themes and products.

·       Enable sliding thumbnails to make browsing easier.

·       There are several zoom settings to highlight the product details.

·       Impress your consumers with a unique product image gallery that fades or slides.

·       Option to host videos wherever you like. For instance, you can play videos on Vimeo, YouTube, and MP4.

·       Display only related product images for the selected variation.

·       AVI works perfectly on all devices and follows pinch-and-zoom capabilities.

·       Works great with any well-coded WooCommerce theme.


AVI subscription costs you:

Plus includes a 7-day free trial.

Link to WooCommerce Additional Variation Images

4. CI WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider

Here’s the answer to your long-term problem.

With the CI WooCommerce product gallery plugin, you can upload several pictures for one single product page. Customers might show more interest in your products if you do it in this manner.

The customers will have the opportunity of viewing the product from every angle before making a purchase. It will also allow you to post several images to provide comprehensive data such as product sizes or variants.

Some of the features are available for free such as the Slider Autoplay, which will automatically play the video once the customer clicks on the product page. If you don’t want it to start playing straight away, you may uncheck the Autoplay option in the settings.

Aside from the main photos, this plugin includes thumbnail photos. Furthermore, provide your customers with a positive user experience by using Navigation assistance. With this functionality, you can invite more clients as soon as it supports various premium themes, so you can get the best benefits from it.

The Pro Version is recommended if you want to get the most out of this plugin.

One of the main features is its compatibility with the Elementor and Visual Composer Page Builder. It means that you might create your own templates and designs based on your preferences.


·       Responsive layout with free navigation support.

·       Provides on/off lightbox setting option for thumbnails images, lightbox image caption, and WooCommerce image zoom.

·       Support WooCommerce default zoom option.

·       Provides 2 gallery layout options – Vertical (left, right) and Horizontal slider.

·       Uses shortcodes that can be added to any custom product page builder.

·       Other features include mouse dragging option, infinite loop, complete lightbox control, support video for the gallery, slider autoplay options, and many more.


The CI WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider plugin costs you $29 for a regular license.

A free version is also available.

Link to CI WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider

5. Advanced WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider

Advanced WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider is a WooCommerce product gallery plugin that transforms your WooCommerce product page gallery into an utterly responsive carousel slider in a matter of seconds.

After installing and activating the Advanced WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider plugin, you’ll see a new menu item named WPGIS Settings added to the menu. This menu helps you alter the slider’s layout, the color of the navigation arrows, enable zoom, activate the lightbox, and adjust some other basic options.

When you hover the mouse over the main product image, navigation arrows appear. You may activate an endless loop to start from scratch when the client reaches the end of the gallery.

Ultimately this is one of the best plugins to instantly transform the product gallery on your WooCommerce Product page into a responsive stunning carousel slider.


·       Its admin settings and slider autoplay options are easily configurable.

·       Advanced product gallery plugin offers 2 different gallery layout options for your WooCommerce store, i.e., vertical and horizontal slider.

·       It has an easy-to-use, responsive and lightweight layout.

·       Supports both variable and simple WooCommerce products.

·       Video gallery supports Youtube and Vimeo.

·       Multiple color options for image popup icon and navigation arrow.

·       Other vital features include color customization options for slider arrows, an attractive lightbox effect, and touch/swipe options.


Advanced WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider is a free WooCommerce product gallery plugin that quickly transforms your product page gallery into a responsive carousel slider.

For more advanced features cost $15 with unlimited support.

Link to Advanced WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider


You might improve your online store’s user experience and page optimization speeds by using a product gallery plugin for WooCommerce.

All these plugins are responsive, lightweight, and completely loaded with the most advanced and essential features to help you display responsive product sliders.

So, how to choose the plugin that is best for you?

WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider: One of the best plugins to display your products most beautifully.Ultimately, all plugins don’t have the same features; each plugin has its own distinct characteristics. Therefore, you can always choose a plugin that aligns best with your needs and budget. For adding extra product options to your product page check out this handy guide

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