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    lukasz kaminski

    hi all! 🙂

    you have a great theme, im very happy after purchase – it’s realy great, but nothing is perfect in this world 😉 so i need your help! here’s few things:

    my shop: https://www.manobutik.pl

    1. on product listing page there’s no info (eg. badge?) that the product is SOLD OUT ?

    2. i have the same problem like him – here: http://themealien.com/support/topic/have-a-problem-with-the-page-login-registrer/ and also the drop down menu is available only when im long in already (/wp-admin) otherwise is not active and I’m double sure that the correct option i ON on woocommerce settings

    3. often content and (img!) are not load in at all – i need to refresh website, then they are visible : examples before and after:
    before – at 1 time:
    after “Refresh”

    – yes, i’ve try already “force regenerate..” – no effect
    – no, i don’t use “wp super cache” should I? will it help here?

    4. on checkout with “Create account?” as on screenshot: https://www.manobutik.pl/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/IMG_0610.jpg

    5. how to change overlay colour on product in css? sure it works on general colour but i did not find solution for this element, i’ve found one of your’s replay but it was abut different theme and does not work for this one

    6. how to hide star review product? that’s the last row on product hoover

    7. please check how that shop works on iPad .. I’ve got iPad mini 2 and it’s a disaster – that hoover effect and .. well just try get into one of product 🙁

    8. how to change header to that lovely dark version with light icons? i saw somewhere on one of your demo something like that but i can’t find it now… css? how?

    9. top nav – badges – i love them! they are amazing 😀 but .. i find out one class – HOT – can we use other ? is there something more ? how to edit them ? same css editor?

    10. it’s a really great and beautiful system and theme – tons of great job!!


    Kind regards


    lukasz kaminski

    oh one more thing:


    did you try searching on mobile ? cursor position is bit weird…


    well .. you created such a nice template so now that kind of small bugs are very visible now 😉




    Regarding your questions:

    1. No, there is no “sold out” badge for out of stock product on the listing pages.

    2. Actually, your problem is different. The login popup on your website doesn’t show up. Did you edit the theme’s files? Please provide the admin credentials and FTP account. Our developer will help you check this.

    3. I checked your website on my iPhone and all images were loaded at the first time. Therefore I think this is only a problem of slow connection only. You can use WP Super Cache plugin to improve your website loading speed.

    4. This is a CSS issue of the theme. We will fix it in the next update.

    5. Do you mean the overlay color of products on the listing page? You can use this CSS to change color of it:

    .woocommerce .products .product .product-inner:before { background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5); }

    6. You can use this CSS to hide the star rating:

    .woocommerce ul.products li.product .star-rating { display: none; }

    7. On iPad, you need to double-click on products to got the product details page.

    8. I’m sorry but I don’t remember there is a dark header style on our demo. Furnder only supports 3 header background colors: transparent, light (white) and primary color which is the one you can pick in Theme Options > Style. Therefore, to have dark header, you need to select header background color as “Primary Color” then select dark color for primary color in Appearance > Theme Options > Style.

    9. There are 3 classes you can use:

    sep: display menu item as a separator line. It affect on second level items only and inside mega menu only.
    hot: display the HOT badge on menu items
    new: display the NEW badge on menu items

    At this moment, Furnde only supports these 3 classes.

    10. Thank you 🙂

    11. We checked both our demo and your website on mobile but didn’t see the problem with the cursor on the search field.


    lukasz kaminski

    1. ok
    2. no i did not, how can i provide you credentials ? private message? @ ?
    3. ok
    4. ok
    5. ok
    6. ok
    7. ok
    8. I think I was wrong and thought about the big shop theme…
    9. ok
    10. 🙂
    11. ok

    ad. 2. while you will be long in into my shop – can you please check why my drop down mega menu ddisappears and it’s quite hart to move over sub nav?

    thank you ! 🙂


    lukasz kaminski

    2. no i did not, how can i provide you credentials ? private message? @ ?


    lukasz kaminski

    well – finally i’ve fix it my self – apparently there were missing [woocommerce_my_account] shortcode! was there before, but after install your theme disappeared, need to be add again. Setting page as my account in wordpress won’t change it automatically


    lukasz kaminski

    but .. only on mobile ! :/ pls FIX IT


    lukasz kaminski

    where is support and update for new woo commerce ??????????

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